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Theft, Fraud, And Embezzlement Investigation

Investigations of Theft, Fraud, and Embezzlement

In today’s information age, there are many avenues for theft, fraud and embezzlement. Revolutionary communication tools such as phones, computers, and the internet unfortunately provide a range of options for fraudulent activities to be completed successfully. While this is not the intended use of these devices, the rapid exchange of data allows people to conduct routine banking procedures online, which can allow criminals to commit fraud.

Fortunately, these same tools provide another valuable service; the ability to track, monitor, and trace these crimes to the source. Properly trained investigators can locate criminals by fighting fire with fire. Many fraudulent activities that occur on computers or the internet leave a proverbial trail of bread crumbs behind. When these trails are followed, they often lead to a criminal’s phone or computer.

Technology, however, is not the only weapon in a fraudulent criminal’s arsenal. These types of crimes have been prevalent throughout history, and can be committed in many ways. Theft is as easy as taking something that doesn’t belong to you. Fraud can be as easy as accessing another person bank account, simply by providing enough information. Embezzlement is all too easy when you are a corporate executive dipping your hand in the company pot without permission. These types of crimes are harder to investigate, but there are several methods available to investigators to help shed some light on these confusing situations.

Many fraud and embezzlement cases are solved quite simply through financial audits conducted by the FBI or the IRS. When a fraudulent person or organization is audited, it is often found that nails do not line up with holes in their finances. More often than not, these crimes are solved with a simple combination of banking statements, tax history, and income verification.

While it is typically regarded as a great community with above average community involvement, the city of Charlotte, NC is not immune to theft and fraudulent activity. Companies in the area have also been subject to embezzlement investigations. Charlotte is a perfect example of the need for thorough and experienced investigators who have the knowledge and skills needed to keep communities safe from these types of criminal activity.

Crimes of this nature can impact a community in extremely negative ways. The stress that comes from having hard earned wages or materials stolen, and the corruption involved with embezzlement can cause families, communities, and industries to experience financial hardship and emotional turmoil.

No community is 100 percent safe against theft. With fraudulent criminals on the constant prowl, knowing where to turn when victimized by these crimes can make a world of difference. A properly trained fraudulent crime investigator can provide victims with a justified solution to their problem, and help them get a head start on the road to reparation.

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