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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is the process of locating someone that is attempting to avoid a given situation or circumstance. The tools we use include technological and investigative resources to identify the location of individuals demonstrating elusive behavior. We find individuals that are attempting to shield their location by aggressively implementing systematic processes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Skip Tracing is one of the best methods to find someone. To achieve our goal we meticulously mine public and private database tables. We utilize database outlets that provide billions of records with a 97 percent success rate. Queried database records can include; residential listings, job application & employment information, phone records, criminal records, utility bills, federal, state & county records and more.

Skip Tracing is a methodical endeavor that requires technological expertise combined with persistent and calculated efforts. Skip Tracers have proven to be significant in criminal cases, financial disputes, repossessions, insurance fraud, infidelity and child custody disputes. Other sectors we track and trace include locating bankruptcy records, property records, title searches and business filings. Regardless of the reason why clients hire us, one rule is consistent across the board. The more time that passes the greater the effort to locate the elusive individual or record. It is essential to act swiftly to decrease the physical and theoretical space between our investigators and the subject we are pursuing.

The human element is invaluable in the Skip Tracing process. If necessary, we implement advanced social engineering skills to deliver accurate results. We implement a high level of trade secrets to retrieve information from friends, relatives, roommates, employers and neighbors without tipping-off the target.

Skip Tracing is a delicate balance of 24 hour pursuit and accurate information. Our investigators validate presumed success before we classify it as a confirmed find. When we present our final report it is based on unequivocal proof of the location of the individual.

We have helped spouses, attorneys, law enforcement and debt collectors resolve difficult cases that left them with no other choice but our services. We build professional and confidential relationships with our clients and we are completely biased to our client’s needs. However, we fully vet our clients to ensure we are not assisting someone who has dangerous intent (e.g., stalker or scam artist).

Our investigators have the credentials to obtain information not available to the general public. This gives us great leverage to solve Skip Tracing cases quickly. We are prompt with helping our clients gain relief and progress toward correcting a wrong. We take our job seriously and welcome new cases and challenges to further strengthen our reputation as a reliable Skip Tracing specialist.

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