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Process Serving

Choose The Best Process Server In Charlotte, NC

The choice of a process server is important. What exactly does a process server do?

Basically, a process server is a conduit of information. If you are involved in a legal procedure in the United States, each party must be notified according and relevant to “due process” of the law. In Charlotte, NC, Citywide Investigations LLC is the best choice for you.

Individuals or corporations, anyone involved in a court procedure must have personal delivery of any legal documents. These include but are not limited to subpoenas, writs, show cause orders and a summons or complaint. You want a company you can depend on for process servers. Citywide Investigations LLC has a staff of retired law enforcement that have a country wide reach to perform process services in Charlotte, NC as well as areas in NC and wherever you need.

North Carolina Process Serving Requirements

In North Carolina, when a legal complaint is issued, the process server must according to the Rules of Procedure under NC State Statute deliver the documents within a period of five days. In NC, a licensed professional company that meets the strict criteria to work as a process server must handle the notice of legal action. If your action involves parties outside of NC, the requirements are over twenty-one years and not a party involved in the case. Process servers in Charlotte, NC in the network of Citywide Investigations, LLC can assist you anywhere with professional agents to get the job done.

In addition to process service in Charlotte, NC, this well stated company provides correlative services to meet and exceed the needs of their clients. The chain of communication is professional as well as the ability to provide their excellent services in a myriad of different needs.

Charlotte, NC is a well recognized major city that is a major hub of business and financial companies. Many companies that require the needs of a process server in Charlotte, NC turn to companies with excellent track records with a sense of relief that the company will do their job.

Full Service Company

Personal services or corporate services are available for Domestic Investigations, Insurance Fraud, Litigation Support, Personal Injury, Screenings for Pre-Employment, Surveillance, Missing Persons, are just a short list of what is offered at Citywide Investigations, LLC as well as process services in Charlotte, NC.

Need a professional process server in Charlotte, NC use Citywide Investigations!

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