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Corporate Investigation

There are several perils that businesses and corporations face in the corporate world such as fraudulent activities that cause businesses thousands of dollars or poor employee background screening, which could cause a business its reputation. Citywide is a safeguard against these and other potential dangers.

With over 40 years of collective experience in investigations and law enforcement, Citywide has a staff of professionals who are highly skilled and specialize in the area of corporate investigations. Our experienced investigators are able to conduct discreet, in-depth analyses using top-of-the-line technology that allow us to advise and serve the commercial sectors, including law firms, corporations, and proprietors all over the United States.

Business Due Diligence
Fraudulent activity in a commercial sector can severely stunt the growth of a business or corporation. Corporate investigations are needed to catch this fraudulent activity during the early stages. By doing so, the investigations can avert the company from suffering major losses.
Our investigators specialize in due diligence services, and our first step of the investigation is to look at the business strategy and objectives of our client. If a corporation’s goals or objectives are not being met at any level, it is reason for concern. Citywide has a staff that is able to investigate financial analysis reports, members of management, undercover activities within the organization, and business networks in order to detect possible fraudulent elements.

Corporate Profiling
Before rashly taking on new joint ventures or becoming a partnership with another company, you may want to use Citywide staff to conduct a corporate investigation. We profile potential clients and trace their assets so that you can be fully knowledgeable of the company’s true status. Our expert investigators have the ability to look at many different elements of the company, including trading activity, credit reports, and names of shareholders and their holdings. By investigating potential companies, you will be better informed in the decision-making process.

Corporate and Employee Theft
Corporate crime severely stunts the growth of a business or corporation; it is an umbrella-term that can assume various facets. Corporate tax evasion, manipulation of financial reports, and insider trading are all examples of corporate crime. Our investigators specialize in the use of intelligence surveillance, which can monitor the behavior of suspect employees or contractors.

While corporate theft stunts the growth of a business, don’t overlook employee theft either. Because it often goes undetected and/or unpublicized, no one can truly say how much employee theft factors into a company’s losses. However, employee theft is no insignificant matter. Citywide is able to use high-powered technology to trace suspect employees, investigating their relationship to competitors, possible bribery, or just personal greed to bring an end to them stealing from your company.

Whatever your company’s needs may be, wherever in the United States that your company may be located, our reputable detectives at Citywide have the equipment, knowledge, and ability to conduct a corporate investigation in a timely manner that will save your company from a substantial amount of losses.

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