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Civil Investigations

Here at Citywide Investigations, LLC, we have a group of professionals that can handle the civil investigations that you need done. We can be your go to team when you need a helping hand in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Not only can we do the job for you, we can do it the right way.

We strive to do a job that satisfies all of our clients and give them what they want. Even if you are outside of North Carolina, our team extends nationwide and will provide the same excellent service that our clients expect us to deliver.

Civil investigations come in many forms and we will work with you to perform the specific task you need done and we have the knowledge and track-record to be successful. You tell us the situation and we can work with you to do it properly.

Sometimes there are missing persons that need to be found and the services of competent private investigators may be the best way to find them. We know what process to use to help find the person you want found and will do our best to make it happen quickly.

If you need a good background check done for your business or personal relationships, we can help you with that as well. Our professionals can get the information you want in a way that adheres to the guidelines and rules that must be followed.

Any surveillance duty you need handled in the right way can be done by our team and we can help get you the information you seek. Even if the surveillance you need is in a domestic capacity, we are capable of doing it for you. Both minor and serious investigation should be done by the right people and we can be that group for you.

We know that the right information should be obtained and needs to be documented precisely to make the best reports possible. This can all help you get the proof and evidence you need to move forward. Our quality service is top-notch and can assist you in any court case that you may have pending.

You can come to us here at Citywide Investigations, LLC for your civil investigations inquires and we can help. Coming to us is a great start for you to get the ball rolling on a quality investigation. It is our goal to provide valuable results from our efforts and show you we are a team you can trust and come back to the next time you need some investigative work. We are here to be of service to you and look forward to working with you.

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