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Background Checks

A background check is when someone is looking for any information on your record. That can be anything, such as credit scores, arrest records or convictions, habitation on any sexual offender lists, etc. This information may be sought when someone is trying to get a new job, apply for school, or other reasons.

Studies show that 80% of the jobs with the state of North Carolina require a background check for employment. Out of those a third require drug testing as well. More and more companies are looking for background check investigations to take place. But the companies who do not are getting more people in “the pool” of employees that have an adverse record. Some background checks are up to that person’s discretion. This can mean a company may have a higher number of employees with a criminal record. Some background checks are up to that person’s discretion. They can be for local or county convictions, state, or nationwide. All background checks have to be Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the federal law that was put in to place to state what can and cannot be recorded on a background check and what the consumer is entitled to. As such, a consumer can request a copy of their records if anything negative was found, and they can dispute the negative items. If the employer is going to add the negative things back onto the record then the agency conducting the investigative report must notify the consumer within five days, in writing.

It’s also found that a small business is not as likely to use a background check service, but larger corporations are. They can also use a private investigator to get all of this information for them. Of course, depending on which route you take to do your background checks, the fee is different. If you deal with a company that is using a third party service that only does background check investigations than you might get a rate depending on how many people you are conducting a search on, or a case-by-case pay. A private investigator may cost a tad bit more, but you are going to get a more detailed and in depth background check investigation. There are too many factors for us to quote you on exactly how much you are going to spend on a background check investigation.

Background checks are not only performed on the individual, but the consumer could also get a background search of their employer or the company itself. Who really wants to work for a company that has filed for bankruptcy numerous times?

Here in Charlotte, NC a background check investigation could be done by the private investigation firm Citywide Investigations, LLC. Citywide Investigations specializes in any type of private investigation service, especially background check investigations.

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