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Citywide Investigations: Your Charlotte, NC Private Investigation Specialist

At some point in time most businesses and individuals will need the services provided by a Private Investigator. As an individual you might consider private investigation a thing of film and television that you would never need.

Think again.

Suppose your child goes missing or runs away. While the local and state police will do everything in their power to find your child and return your child to you safe and unharmed these organizations have hundreds and thousands of cases. Citywide Investigations, LLC, Charlotte, NC can put top experienced and trained men on your case immediately. Our investigators will have no other priority than finding your child.

If you think your spouse is a philanderer or you are in the middle of a messy and difficult divorce, Our experts can be your source of discreet surveillance and definite proof that is necessary for you to win in a divorce proceeding or to bring a wayward spouse to heel. We have practical experience in this area and will be considered as expert witnesses if you need us in court.

You may become involved in a lawsuit at some time in your life and not being an expert you will of course be intimidated by the mountain of paperwork you may have to plow through to pursue a lawsuit or to defend yourself in a lawsuit. We are experts in retrieving just the right documents that you need because we have years of experience in police work and know where the paper you need might be hiding.

If you are thinking of getting married, you might want to have a background check done on your prospective spouse. It is an unfortunate fact of life that some people marry just to rob their new spouse and disappear. We provide complete and thorough background checks that will make you feel secure in your planned partner’s honesty.

Many business owners in Charlotte, NC can use the assistance of Private Investigation.

We provide services to business that include employee screening before hiring, complete due diligence investigations, false injury and fraud investigations, expert surveillance of potential insurance fraud con men or women, and process service across the entire state of North Carolina.

Even the smallest business can be a target for fraud or litigation. We provide fast results that get you the information you need to prevent your business from paying unjustified claims to tricksters.

So why should you use our Private Investigators?

The majority of our investigators are former policemen who have had direct experience in finding lost and missing children, know the court system and the paper trail involved in a divorce or fraud litigation, and have years of complex surveillance experience. You need trained and professional experience that can deliver results fast.

Trust and experience are just a call away at (704) 749-0296.

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